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4u best dating online service

Although barely a dozen dating websites for the blind are currently available, the number of registered members on the live chat sites is increasing.

The For the People dating website for the blind is a free social networking site.

Nearly all dating websites for the blind and physically disabled offer free membership.

Online dating websites for the blind and visually impaired are creating a presence on the Web.

Members need to press the left Control key to speak with other chat room participants.

A beeping signal from the website will note when a member can take a turn to speak in the chat room.

please feel free to write me [email protected] am looking also have any questions let me know i live in stockton ca.

been a while since i have been on here thanks and good day to one and all.

maby 1 or 2 yahoo groups are dating groups but thin most people do not bother with those group anymore.

Most of the organizations in my area are open only during the time that I work M-F in my FT position and I would very much like to meet and date someone who like me is partially sighted or fully blind so we have more in common.

Does anyone know of any decent sites online for the blind interested in dating other blind people?

Thanks Hello, I am a 44 year old woman with an MBA seeking an intelligent, kind hearted blind man in the DC metropolitan area. 4/12/2016 email: [email protected] would like our online dating service to work seamlessly for the non-sighted.

I am small in size and rather short with long dark brown hair. how to find a few non-sighted folks to join our beta program?

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An online shopping link and donation option is available for site members.

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