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Boulder colorado online dating

Twelve of the 21 websites were run by a single Canadian company, Successful

According to the Successful Match website, the company runs 24 dating websites on the same platform, 12 of which were not examined as part of the research project.

“It was clear that some companies did not know about this issue,” Larsen said.

“The feedback ranged from appreciative to reluctantly removing the metadata to no response.” Several of the companies immediately reported that they were taking action to resolve the issue, including Successful Match and the companies behind Catholic Singles, Deaf Singles Meet and Meeting Millionaires.

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Colorado business leaders on Wednesday added their voices to a national chorus calling on Congress to act to protect young immigrants brought to the U. by the parents from deportation before the end of 2017.

Financial terms released Tuesday for the controversial Interstate 70 expansion through northeast Denver reveal how much the deal will cost the Colorado Department of Transportation over more than 30 years.

Such information that can be derived from online photos includes camera type, date of capture, whether the picture has been altered and GPS coordinates of where the photo was taken.

Dating websites have the ability to “scrub” or eliminate such metadata from their member photos and most do because misuse of the information could compromise the safety of their users, Larsen said.

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