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Cancer male dating pisces female

Pisces' male form carries around a polearm in his right hand, this having its upper, offensive edge shaped like the Celestial Spirit's symbol.While Pisces are in their human form, the son seems to have a comedic habit, using "mom" to refer to not only his mother, but also those who summoned the two of them, much to the amusement of his parent.He shares the woman's tattoos, fins and crown (which, however, true to the inverted colors, bears a dark gem), but also sports an earring shaped like a shell on each ear, and a light necklace with a similarly shaped (though larger) pendant hanging from it; he, too, wears an indument made of scales, this being a massive belt which extends downwards on his legs' sides to cover the lower part of his loose dark pants.

Both creatures bear the symbol associated with the constellation of Pisces on their forehead, respectively dark and light in color.

After the Grand Magic Games, Pisces is summoned by Yukino be granted a single wish due to the help the Spirit provided in closing the Eclipse Gate.

When summoned, the black fish opens his mouth and eats Happy, much to the cat's shock.

Sometime after this, Pisces and Libra re-present their Keys back to Yukino.

Water Magic (水系各種魔法 Mizu Kei Kakushu Mahō): While in human form, Pisces use Water Magic as their primary source of combat.

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Later, under the castle Mercurius in the Abyss Palace, Pisces is summoned once more when Yukino re-locates their key after having it taken from her.

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