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Dating board game with phone

We all crossed our fingers to hear the magic words, "You're right!

I really like you." We'd spend the better part of our teen years trying to replicate that thrill. How many versions of this game were they going to release?

Very few games are so shameless in their complete disregard of all things morally grounded.

Mall Madness not only takes the cake on that one, it teaches us to put it on our credit card.

We all went out in search of our secret admirers, though sometimes our hints were not so secret if someone pulled that speakerphone card.She'd probably get a zit before the big inaugural ball and concede. As if the frighteningly stereotypical girly game offerings weren't morally void enough, we've added new corporate sponsors and Disney tie-ins. With an increasing focus on gender equality, it seems that game producers chose to ignore any feminist progress and steer us straight toward the mall where they felt we belonged.Damn you, Girl Talk, and your powerfully brain-dead life lessons. All we needed was a fake credit card and some plastic crowns and we'd be back on track in no time.We were supposed to care about them for some reason or other, plus it forced us to divulge our own.It was basically like a confessional with less priest or Real World staff, depending on how you look at it.

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This version was sort of a cop out, as it was admittedly less involved.

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