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Etiquette on dating websites

"The most common items asked for include coffee machines, Kitchen Aid appliances and Waterford Crystal." Cash is still king when it comes to wedding gifts, with 40pc of guests gifting between €100-€150, according to the latest figures, and up to 32pc splashing up to €200 on the happy couple. "We would estimate the typical wedding gift to be around €200 per couple and over €100 for a single person," says One Fab co-founder Naoise Mc Nally."Financial gifts are definitely preferred these days as most couples live together before marriage and already have most of the traditional home-making gifts. Contrary to popular belief, a financial gift is usually taken as a contribution to the honeymoon - not to 'cover costs'." Am I expected to contribute to the cost of the wedding?

However, from gluten-free cake to social media-free zones, the rules of wedding-going have come a long way since the 1994 flick.

But we're not doing a wedding list - cash is always the winner.

Recently, I've heard of some couples crowdfunding their wedding.

Although cash is still the most popular wedding gift, almost a third of guests think it's too impersonal, and plump for a pressie.

"Many guests are going back to giving a gift rather than cash as they like the idea of giving the couple something they can cherish for years to come," says a spokesperson for The Wedding Shop at Brown Thomas.

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Either way, it'll soon become clear by word-of-mouth whether the bride is a 'Ms' or a 'Mrs'." Special needs assistant Ruth Mayor and husband-to-be Aidan Mc Carthy from Dublin are to wed this August.

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