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If you're in the same room as your crush, you always know where they are at any given time, sort of how a lifeguard keeps one eye on a weak swimmer at all times.48.

You'll position yourself in a room so you can see your crush, and vice versa. You've come close to perfecting the art of staring at your crush without them noticing.50.

If it wasn't your crush who texted you, your heart sinks and you curse whoever had the nerve to contact you.5.

You agonize over every word, punctuation mark, and emoji you use when you text your crush as if you were one of the founding fathers writing the Constitution.6.

If your crush friends or follows you on social media before you do, it is pretty much the best moment of your entire life.14.

You know Instagram is the way to check out how hot your crush is, while Twitter is best for background on personality.10.

You plan how nice your outfit will be based on whether or not you expect to see your crush that day.34. It's cute when you're in elementary school.

You stand up straighter when you are around your crush.35. In a college notebook or on office stationery, it's just creepy.37.

You also hang on to every word that comes out of your crush's mouth as if they are Jesus and you are one of his disciples.46.

You will attend an event or party based on whether or not your crush will be there.47.

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You've probably had an inappropriate dream about your crush.25. You will probably think about how cute they are.26. In your mind, you've tried on your crush's last name, just in case you get married.30. You've had an imaginary conversation in your head with your crush.