Hot chat bots

Posted by / 24-Dec-2017 19:31

Hot chat bots

(See also: 40 funny things to ask Cortana.) The new generation of bots will be primarily text based.

Unlike Cortana, you can’t type and get Siri to do your bidding, but typing is the preferable option in many situations.

The word bot can be used to mean several different things.

Gamers understand bots as AI characters in a game, while botnets are groups of hijacked computers which cyber criminals use for various tasks such as sending out millions of spam emails or even to attack and attempt to take down websites.

It’s the same if you’re search for something you want to buy locally: you might go to a website, search for a product, check stock and then get directions in Google maps to show you how to get there.There are plenty of chat bots in Skype, including IFTTT, Sky Scanner, Hipmunk and Stubhub.IFTTT could be useful for those that actively use the service, while the Sky Scanner video below shows how chat bots can be a part of a group conversation and provide assistance when booking flights: There are thousands upon thousands of chatbots in Facebook Messenger.The new bots are much like ELIZA and Eugene Goostman in that you can chat to them – by typing – and they will respond with sensible, intelligent answers.While mere chatbots exist (and have fooled many a human) the next generation will act more like personal assistants, doing everything from handling your Amazon returns to booking flights and ordering your lunch.

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Bots will be able to do all this for you: no need to search Google any more, no need to launch the Uber app.