Lister dating

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Lister dating

In "Confidence and Paranoia" (1988), Lister, with the help of a solid manifestation of Lister's confidence (played by Craig Ferguson), deduces where Kochanski's personality disc is hidden as well as a means of how the ship can power two holograms at once.

Lister is still unable to go on a date with Kochanski, however, as the disc inside Kochanski's box has been swapped with one containing a duplicate of Rimmer.

In "Me²" (1988), Rimmer moves in with his double as better company in the next bunkroom over from Lister.

s first episode "The End" (1988), where he is characterised as third technician on board the mining ship Red Dwarf, ranking below his immediate superior Arnold Rimmer (Chris Barrie), to whom he shares quarters with, and all four of the service robots as the lowest ranked crew member on board the ship.In "Balance of Power" (1988), Lister is revealed to have pined after Kochanski; Lister mentioning that he had always been crazy about Kochanski but never acted on his feelings to ask her out or make love to her.Lister asks Holly why Rimmer was brought back as a hologram instead of Kochanski.The blonde actress and the Coldplay rocker aren't the only stars Mc Aloon has cooked for.In fact, the professional chef got her start thanks to Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman.

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He dropped out after 97 minutes, however, after learning that there were lectures every day, "first thing in the afternoon".

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