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You’ll probably pay more to fly your surfboard down than you will for your first week’s meals and groceries.The average after-tax salary in this country is around 0 a month, so if you’ve got just an average social security check to live on, you’re still going to be relatively well-off by local standards.“My pension alone is 3-4 times what the average Nica makes,” American Jim Lynch told me over coffee in Granada.There are also changes in visa policies, banking regulations, or the environment for foreigners that can change the landscape.This year is a bit different in the sense that I’m celebrating the release of my new book, .

You can stay a while on a tourist visa, there’s a good expat support critical mass in place, and you can coast along for cheap while you get established.

Eventually prices will creep up, especially for anything imported or using imported ingredients.

The main reason you can live a half price life in Mexico though is because of drastically lower rents, local food prices, and labor costs. I’ve posted before on what it costs me and my family to live in Guanajuato, Mexico.

The countries here are used to dealing with foreigners and have fairly straightforward residency application paths.

They all give you at least 90 days as a tourist also, which makes it pretty easy to do a temporary move or a trial run.

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This highland area is aided in costs by the fact that houses don’t need to have heat or air conditioning.

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