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We all need to learn to sell ourselves.” Another said “The corporate training industry really is frighteningly competitive nowadays.” Another said: “Does this mean the women I’ve been chatting with on Momo are all hookers?

We Chat, the ubiquitous social network in China, has long been used for prostitution.

The video has been forwarded well over 1,000 times on Sina Weibo and watched over 1 million times.

One Sina Weibo user said: “Life is all about selling.

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We Chat (微信), with more than 700 million users today, is no doubt one of most popular social networks in China.

Like many classes, it involved a stern teacher and a couple of students giggling and whispering at the back.

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The members of the group chat determined which sex workers they would allow into the exclusive group.

Members exchanged information on cost, appearance, measurements, and even which specific sexual services they would provide.

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The bespectacled lecturer also emphasized the importance of using a photoshopped picture to attract customers’ interest, stressing the value of having an ovular face and attractive eyes.