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” Because none of those people ever deserved to hear it. The thing about relationships is they’re based on reciprocity.You shouldn’t have to send text messages for someone to notice you.You have to figure out if this person doesn't know how to make a move (unlikely) or is addicted to that buzz in his pocket and all the feelings that come with it (more likely).The Advice: You have to face reality because this person never will.

We’re all left in this weird space where nothing makes sense—feeling hurt, betrayed, sad and probably a little confused.

If you want to test him, send a text asking, "How much do I owe you? Why would he keep up the conversation if he doesn't want to go out?

Getting a text is actually exciting (stick with me). A text is delivered, opened, and you never really know what's inside.

None of my friends would probably believe me if I said I didn’t choose to write about five text messages a person might regret sending—mostly because I’ve been known to send a few in my day. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it was once suggested someone buy me a flask that said, “I didn’t text you, vodka texted you.” You have to laugh at yourself, right? Otherwise, people will eventually think you’re crazy; or, perhaps, that you have a drinking problem.

Because I decided I didn’t want to be known as either one of those things, I’ve remedied my behavior for the most part.

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The Advice: Put the same amount of effort that the guy is putting in and see how many dates you go on.

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