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After flying through her entire portfolio in a few stroke-filled days, all that was left were her gay stories.I can say in all truth, I had never read a gay story, oh sure some stories had gay sub-plots and so forth, but I had never consciously chose to read a gay story.Oh sure, I can tell when a man is good looking, the same way I am sure my wife knows when a woman is attractive..doesn't make her a dyke.That said, whenever I had quality alone time, which was often because I traveled for work, I often imagined sucking a cock or taking a cock up the ass.I had no interest in fucking another guy, yet the thought of getting fucked became an obsessive an unhealthy obsession.In all truth, the obsession happened completely by accident.Click Here to Watch the Whole Video in HD at Straight Naked Thugs Check out Straight Naked and see what REAL thugs do for cash when they’re fresh out of jail!

Every story was about some straight guy, who had never even considered a guy sexually, ending up on his knees sucking cock and inevitably taking a cock up his virgin butt.As I read the story, my cock became rock hard quickly and I slowly pushed the toy inside me.There was resistance at first, but it quickly weakened and I felt a rush of adrenalin at having something, albeit really small, in my ass. I tried pushing the toy deeper, but it was all in and my mood shifted from excited to frustrated.I couldn't help it, but after reading these stories what started as an intriguing fascination of 'oh my God who would do that' became a compulsive obsession with becoming a cocksucking faggot.I searched for glory holes in towns I was traveling to, I read personal websites and asked a lot of questions under a newly created username bottomcurioushusband which I think was a very true descriptor. How would a man who has never had anything in their ass actually go about preparing it for a hypothetical first time bottom experience?

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