Svn is out of date try updating

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Svn is out of date try updating

The src code is on revision 2, but I had a file that messed up, so I reverted it to revision 1. If you where working on version 2, and dropped a copy of the version 1 file over it, then there will be no update or need to resolve conflicts.

After a few hours of debugging, that javafile works, but I can't commit it. If you set your working revision to 1, then edited and tried to commit, then you get this out of date issue.

However you usually will want to let Tortoise handle merging any changes for you.

I had the exact same issue, it turns out that there are hidden folders containing data that tortoise uses to maintain some record of changes that have been made.

You can then right click on the file and select resolve conflicts.

If you want to ignore any changes that were made and just use your local copy, the easiest way is to copy your file to another location, update, then overwrite the file with your local copy.

Three kinds of situations can cause this: 1) Debris from a failed commit is littering your working copy; 2) Mixed revisions; 3) You might be genuinely out of date.

If I tried to commit again, I would get the same out of date error.

You can fix the problem by running 'svn update' in the working copy. You might be genuinely out of date — that is, you're trying to commit a change to a file that has been changed by someone else since you last updated your copy of that file. I tried cleaning the directory and nothing is working...the most recent file on my local machine is the one i know i want to use..The coolest Interface to (Sub)Version Control /_/ \_\ Forum Id=4061&ds Message Id=2271275 To unsubscribe from this discussion, e-mail: [].

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You may have had a commit that went sour between the time the new revision was added in the server and the time your client performed its post-commit admin tasks (including refreshing your local text-base copy).

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