Updating computer operating system updating schedule information retrieving busy information from server

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Updating computer operating system

Phone and tablet apps release updates as well; check your app store or information within the app to see what the update will do.

Since the OS or software program has to contact its parent company, your computer must be online to get new information about updates.

Upgrading to a new operating system — whether it's one personal computer at home or an office full of workstations — can be a stressful experience.

You do it to take advantage of new features or to be able to run new applications, but you approach it with trepidation because you know there are always things that can go wrong.

Every computing device uses software called an Operating System (OS) to manage basic tasks such as storing and retrieving data, interfacing with other programs and hardware, and more.

As systems are used and new technologies are released, the OS requires software upgrades or patches to resolve any security issues that are discovered and to improve functionality.

All operating systems and software require updates to repair security flaws that are found after the software was originally released.

Updating Your Operating System Computers: both Windows and the Mac OS are typically set to look for updates automatically, but it is important to regularly check the computers you use to make sure this function is running properly since viruses and other malicious programs can attempt to block updates.

CUIT on the Morningside campus provides basic instructions and information on running updates.

Please keep in mind that using updates require an Administrative log on to the computer, so you may not have access to run them on a department system that is managed by CUMC IT or other IT staff.

Smartphones and Tablets: updates are usually released and/or restricted by the hardware manufacturer.

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If you get the new operating system installed and find that performance is inadequate, you might be able to make the necessary hardware upgrades.

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