Validating cyber security requirements a case study Nudes sending girls free chat

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Validating cyber security requirements a case study

‘Cryptcat’ tools can be used in the forensic workstation to listen to the port of the Windows NT server.

Create the trusted toolset optical drive in the Windows NT server and open the trusted console and use the following command: The following table shows the Graphic User Interface tools, and their usage and outcome can be used in the computer forensic investigation.

Kent, K.,, (2006) developed a basic digital forensic investigation model called the Four Step Forensics Process (FSFP) with the idea of Venter (2006) that digital forensics investigation can be conducted by even non-technical persons.

This model gives more flexibility than any other model so that an organization can adopt the most suitable model based on the situations that occurred.

This is considered a proactive measure of investigation (Murray, 2012).

The following steps need to be taken in the preparation stage: “The collection phase is the first phase of this process is to identify, label, record, and acquire data from the possible sources of relevant data, while following guidelines and procedures that preserve the integrity of the data” (CJCSM 6510.01B, 2012).

There are two different types of data that can be collected in a computer forensics investigation.

They are volatile data and non-volatile data (persistent data).

To counteract those computer-related crimes, Computer Forensics plays a very important role.“Computer Forensics involves obtaining and analysing digital information for use as evidence in civil, criminal or administrative cases (Nelson, B., et al., 2008)”.As a discussion contained within your report, you should also provide a critical evaluation of the existing tools and techniques that are used for digital forensics or malware investigations and evaluate their effectiveness, discussing such issues as consistency of the approaches adopted, the skills needed by the forensic investigators, and the problems related with existing methodologies (especially with respect to the absence of any single common global approach to performing such investigations and the problems that can result when there is a need to perform an investigation that crosses international boundaries).Table 1: Volatile Data Forensic Tools and their usage and outcome We also use various Windows-based tools to capture the volatile data as follows: HBGray’s Fast Dump – Local Physical memory acquisition.HBGray’s F-Response – Remote physical memory acquisition ipconfig – Collecting subject system details.

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These are the reasons we chose this model for this investigation.