Who is lil wayne currently dating 2016 i kiss dating good bye

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Who is lil wayne currently dating 2016

Presently in his mid 30s, he has four kids with four different women, namely, Nivea B.Hamilton, Lauren London, Antonia “Toya” Wright and Sarah Vivan.However, his most recent relationship was with Christina Milian.The two dated for a year before breaking up, citing busy schedules.Yes, when someone promises the "real story," we assume they're talking about dong size. Wayne concludes his tale of woe with the following words of wisdom: "As a man I'll admit that s--t really f--ked me up, but hey, f--k that ho!Love is blind, that's why I say make sure that bitch is a seeing-eye dog." He added: "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?It’s that careless, hopeless, romantic love — that feeling of ‘I will do anything for you’ and it’s just incredible and so yeah, ‘rebel for you’ means ‘I’m all about you.’ We love that!” At the time, she was so in love with Lil Wayne that she got a tattoo of “Love hard.. And in October last year, she confessed that she was still in love with Lil Wayne.

On why she isn’t looking forward to dating another rapper, she stated that Lil Wayne was one of the reasons.

In his forthcoming memoir about his prison days, Wayne opens up about the day he learned Drake banged his girlfriend: "When Drizzy came to see me, he was like, 'Yeah, it's true...

Don't f--k with her like that 'cause I did f--k her.' Damn!

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as in the more than 0,000 he says the rapper owes him for services rendered on "Tha Carter III" album. READ MORE Lil Wayne's manager, Cortez Bryant, says the only thing Lil Wayne is addicted to is work, and brushed off an early retirement, despite Sunday's hospitalization for seizures. READ MORE Lil Wayne's been released from the hospital, and we're told he's taking a break from work to get himself right ...

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